Dear Colleague, 

We want to make the emergency or elective admission of your patient to the Department of Neurology as easy as possible. We try to ensure that outpatient consultations in one of our specialist outpatient clinics for diagnostics, co-treatment, or obtaining a second opinion are carried out promptly and are as effective as possible for you and your patient. We have compiled contact details and specific information on the following pages.

  • Emergency admission due to suspected acute stroke
  • Emergency admission due to acute neurological illness/complaints
  • Elective referral for diagnosis/therapy of neurological complaints/diseases
  • Referral to a specialist outpatient clinic for diagnosis/co-treatment and obtaining a second opinion

Please provide your patient with a current nationally standardized medication plan (BMP) with an electronically readable 2D data matrix barcode (according to the specifications of the Anlage 3 zur Vereinbarung gemäß § 31a Abs. 4 Satz 1 SGB V).

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