"Time is ticking for everyone concerned".

21.09.2022 -

Neuroscientists at Magdeburg University Medical Center are supporting the Little Victories Ride from Berlin to Brussels with the goal of advancing research in the fight against Parkinson's disease and other neurodegenerative disorders.

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"Understanding Parkinson's and living well"

19.09.2022 -

The University Hospital for Neurology under the direction of Prof. Dr. Aiden Haghikia and the German Parkinson's Association extends an invitation on 27.09.22 to the joint event "Understanding Parkinson's and living well".

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International Researchers at Conference

13.09.2022 -

Prof. Dr. Michael Naumann from the Institute of Experimental Internal Medicine recently organized the 11th edition of the ZOMES conference in Magdeburg. The conference series brought together international researchers to exchange the latest research results on the three important macroprotein complexes.

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