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On the basis of the State Treaty on University Admission and the amended University Admission Act LSA, the Medical Faculty of Magdeburg has changed the university selection procedure (AdH) for the course of study in human medicine beginning with the winter semester 2020/21.

In 2022, the HAM-Nat selection test will remain a major selection criterion at our faculty, in addition to the Abitur grade and professional training. The HAM-Nat is a multiple-choice test with questions on medically relevant aspects of the subjects mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology and may contain decontextualized items e.g. on logical thinking such as arithmetic problem solving and/or on relational reasoning. The questions test school-level (high school) knowledge and its application (s. Themenkatalog).

The HAM-Nat test result must already be submitted to the Foundation for University Admission when applying for a spot. Therefore, the 2022 selection test will take place before the application period so that all applicants in the winter semester can indicate their test results in the university start application. There will be several test dates during the testing period. As part of the application process, you can make requests regarding the test location and test day.

If you want to apply for a place in human medicine in Magdeburg for the winter semester 2022/23 and do not yet have a HAM-Nat test result from 2021, you must take part in the selection test 2022 and register for it online in advance - from December - on the test portal of the Selection Test Center Hamburg ( is possible until 15.01.2022 (cut-off deadline). In doing so, a user account will be created for you in which you can view the information relevant to you. Your registration will only become valid when it is confirmed online at a later date in the test portal.

All persons who wish to apply to the Foundation for University Admission in 2022 or the following year in the university selection procedure (AdH) or in the additional aptitude quota (ZEQ, former waiting period quota) for the study program in human medicine are eligible to participate. Foreigners from non-EU member states do not benefit from a HAM-Nat participation, as the allocation of  placements for this group of persons takes place in a separate preliminary quota. Information on this can be found hier:

The selection tests can be taken either in Hamburg, Magdeburg or Greifswald.

For an application to the Foundation for University Admission for the winter semester 2022/23, test results from 2021 are valid. Test results remain valid for the two following winter semesters. For a subsequent application, the test must be repeated. It is recommended that all applicants take the test in the year in which they obtain their university entrance qualification at the earliest.

Information on how to prepare for the HAM-Nat test can be found at hier:

Participation in the selection test is subject to a fee; expenses for travel and accommodation must also be covered by the participants themselves. If an applicant does not appear at the appointed time or if a test cannot be completed, the applicant has no right to be granted another date.

Participants in the lottery, the distribution of the last available study spots, apply informally between Sept. 15 and Oct. 15 (entrance) to the Office of the Dean of Students.

The university's selection procedures are governed by a Senate-approved Satzung.



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